House in Quito for sale

A lucrative
real estate investment
in Ecuador:

Residential and commercial building.
The property is located
in a convenient location
near the international
well-known tourist area
“La Mariscal”.

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Grundstück in Quito/Ecuador zu verkaufen
House in Quito for sale

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Immobilien-Investment, Hostal in strategisch guter Lage, Neubebauung möglich
Administración Especial
“Turistica LA MARISCAL”
Eingerichtetes Hostal in strategisch guter Lage
  • Quito | José Murillo y 9 de Octubre

  • Total Gross Floor Area: approx. 858 m²
    plus structural extensions, approx.113.75 m²
  • Plot: approx. 646 m²
  • Colonial style building
  • Year of construction approx. 1953/1970;
    Well preserved building fabric
  • 2002/2003 conversion from a residential and commercial building to a hostal, thereafter continuous modernizations
  • Lot with mature trees offering privacy and visual protection

Applicable building law/development:

Residential use zones where the development of amenities, businesses, and services at the neighborhood, sectorial, zonal, and metropolitan levels, as well as low-impact industries, is allowed.

Facilities and commercial, as well as service activities, can occupy 100% of the Total Floor Area Ratio (COS), and low-impact industrial activities can occupy 100% of the COS on the ground floor.

One property. Many opportunities.
For example, as a rental property in an attractive business location in Ecuador.

Real Estate Investment in Quito/Ecuador
Building Law, Zone: “Residencial Urbano de Alta Densidad 3 (RUA-3)”

Floors: 8
Max. height: up to 32 m
Total building area (COS total): 400 %
Base of building (COS ground floor): 50 %

Front distance limit: 5 m
Lateral distance limit: 3 m
Rear distance limit: 3 m
Distance limit between 2 buildings: 6 m

An ideal real estate investment in Quito,
For example, as a long-term retirement provision
for locals and expats.

Utilization concept/structural use:

The building has been used as a hostel in recent years. The business inventory and the furniture of an operator’s apartment (separate apartment) can be taken over.

Variant of use for the hostal, also for investment communities: An international community of active seniors could enjoy the best of both worlds here – their own private home and at the same time the opportunity to cultivate social contacts and undertake joint activities. The hostal would create a warm family atmosphere. Thanks to its central location, numerous shops, bars and restaurants are within easy walking distance and offer an ideal base for a fulfilling and entertaining retirement.

With its 2 street fronts, the corner plot offers a wide range of planning and use options. Other alternative business concepts – due to the location and the associa-ted infrastructure – would be for example, running a day restaurant with a pop-up store or a café with an integrated travel agency and a coordinated event location could be possible.

A conversion to themed property for the art, culture or creative industries or as a serviced office/coworking center would also be conceivable.

It could also be converted into a prestigious residential and commercial building or a center for specialist training or concept property, e.g. for human, dental or small animal medicine or – with an eye to the future – an innovative AI “LearnHub”.

Conditions of purchase and methods of payment:

Taking into account tthe creditworthiness of the potential buyer, it is possible to accept alternative payment methods for the purchase price:

Alternative 1:
Rent to own

The buyer rents the property with an option to purchase it at a later date, with the rental payments being applied to the purchase price as agreed. Moveable, non-fixed items, such as furniture, kitchen appliances or other furnishings, are already purchased by the tenant as part of the rent-to-own contract.

This option is suitable for buyers with limited funds. The flexibility of the purchase allows the prospective buyer to start their business immediately and take ownership of the property gradually.

If the tenant/buyer leaves the contract early, the rental payments already made could be considered a loss.

Alternative 2:
Purchase Price Payment through Installments

The purchase price is paid in the first step with a fixed down payment and the remaining payment amount is paid in predetermined installments over a defined period of time. The property is transferred at the beginning, while the remaining purchase price is secured by an entry in the land register.

Immediate use of the property, flexible negotiation of installments.

Higher total cost due to interest, interest rate risk.

Alternative 3:
Property exchange

The property offered here can be exchanged, for example for apartments with 5-star hotel accommodation in Quito or the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao). Alternatively, an exchange for properties in Southern Switzerland (Ticino) or in Lombardy/Northern Italy, near Lake Lugano or Lake Maggiore, could be considered.
Any differences in value would be settled by means of compensation payments.

An exchange process could take place with little or no liquidity. Typically, an asset swap does not require a complex financing process.

Determining differences in value can be challenging. Different jurisdictions, tax laws and regulations at the locations of the assets must be carefully examined.

Delivery/handover immediately or by arrangement.

Further information and purchase price on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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